Dear benefactors, dear friends,

in 2016-2020 we beg you for a contribution to the reconstruction of the House of Visitation, the future guest house. Since that time, 13 190 481, – CZK have been collected. This amount represents about 30% from the actual total sum necessary for reconstruction. Therefore, we had to pay the rest using the financial means designated for building our future monastery.

In summer 2021, the most important part of the regeneration of our premises, i.e. the construction of the monastery quadrature and the Chapel of st. Theresa of Avila, shall be started, which should take about three years. We already know that about 30-40 million CZK is missing for its completion.

We will therefore be grateful for any contribution.

If you decide to support us, you can do so by sending a donation to our account or buy virtual components in our donor shop. Photos are only indicative, do not match the actual design.

We pray for all our donors and benefactors every day and the Holy Mass is served every month for them and their intentions.

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