P. Tomáš Holub, Bishop of Pilsen:

For me, the monastery is not only a building, but much more a synonym for an oasis of silence, prayer, acceptance, support and hope. To build oases in the desert of today’s world is an act of great courage but even more an act of great need. That is why I support the sisters of the Carmelites from the first steps of their desire to build a monastery with open arms.

P. Petr Glogar, Provincial Delegate of the Genoese Province of Discalced Carmelites for the Czech Republic:

The sisters decided to take this courageous step. To build a new monastery. I believe that this decision will turn into blessings, both for the community fulfilling its mission by contemplative life, and for all those who will encounter this presence in their new place.

Jana Sieberová, Home Hospice Duha – Hořice:

Discalced Carmelites living in a contemplative way are a blessing for the Church and the world. There are “sacred roots” on which we can (spiritually) grow. I wholeheartedly wish the Carmelite Sisters that their new home in Drasty, which construction I strongly support, meets the conditions of contemplative life.

They sacrifice themselves to God for the salvation of the world. It creates an unrepeatable spiritual atmosphere that brings fruit and strength to the Church, but also to all those who take advantage of the hospitality of the monastery.

The form of contemplative life requires a stay in the silence of the monastery, but also in the countryside, which the sisters in Prague miss. The world of contemplation requires the need of silence, prayer and recruitment. And to this style of life, extraordinary conditions are needed, which the new monastery, in the vast nature, will certainly offer not only to the community of nuns, but to all those who need to pause and refresh their lives.

Pastoral Council of Odolena Voda Parish:

Roman Catholic parish Odolena Voda welcomes the intent of the sisters of Carmel St. Joseph to build a monastery in the parish.

Contemporary life in our area is characterized by newcomers without roots and connection to the history, culture and traditions of the region. A distinctive feature is the growing municipalities and the increasing population mostly of young age. Today’s seniors are largely those who came to the region fifty years ago.

So it is almost symbolic that the sisters of Carmel of St. Joseph are coming to settle in to the region which is expanding in all directions. The monastery may become a spiritual center, enrichment, an oasis, anchor and a refuge. That is why we welcome the sisters in Drasty and look forward to a friendly life with them. We will support them in their efforts – with our favor, prayer and temporary help, as has already happened and is still happening.

Through the intercession of the order’s patrons: St. Joseph, St. Elizabeth from the Trinity and venerable Mary Electa of Christ, May the good God bless the work of the Carmelites in Drasty!